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Southwest Jiaotong University takes the lead in building a complete undergraduate discipline system covering the field of generalized architecture in China. It confers master's degrees in architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture and design, and art.There are now more than 500 master students at the School of Architecture and Design. The School has a doctoral program in the first-level discipline of architecture and a doctoral program in the second-level discipline of industrial design and engineering. It has established a post-doctoral research and practice base in Sichuan Province and has formed a relatively comprehensive discipline system.

Year 2019

The School has participated in the compilation of the core national curriculum guide for graduate students in architecture, which was organized by Tsinghua University. Moreover, the School has led the compilation of the course outline of architectural planning and post-occupancy evaluation.

The School has obtained two projects of talent training quality and teaching reform in higher education, namely Research on the training system and the whole process quality assurance of top-notch innovative talents in architecture for future urban and rural construction (Led by Professor Zhongwei Shen) and Exploration and Construction of the training system of the innovative ability of high-quality design talents (Led by Professor Jinyi Zhi).

Year 2018

The School implemented the academic literacy improvement plan for architectural postgraduates and applied for the project of Research-oriented Design Training Workshop: New Ideas, New Technologies, and New Methods. It obtained 9 construction projects of postgraduate textbooks (monographs), including “Park Urban Recreation Space Participatory Design” and “Interactive Design”. It organized graduate students to participate in the competition and win the first prize of the UIA Hope Cup. It organized Sino-Italian Chengdu Linpan Agricultural Heritage Environmental Renewal Design Workshop and Sino-Swiss Joint Urban Design Workshop and has invited many leading professors from Tama University and Tsukuba University (Japan), Milan Polytechnic University (Italy), Fudan University, and other universities to give lectures.