School of Architecture Desigh (SA&D) at Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) has a long history. The architecture programs had been set up in the Departmentvof Civil Engineering in 1929. Since the school of Architecture was formally established in 1946, many old professors such as LIN Bingxian, LlU Futai, XU Zhong and Li wen had taken charge. A lot of outstanding alumni(academician SHE Hunnan and PENG Yigang,etc.)were cultivated here. Since the reform and opening policy,the major of architecture was restored in 1985.The Department of Architecture was founded in 2002 SWJTU adjusted the discipines and founded School of Architecture&Design.

Currently,the programs in SA&D compose a complete discipline system. 3doctoral programs of Architecture.Engineering Environment and Landscape industrial Design and Engineering: a programs of Architecture, Urban Pianning, Landscape Architecture, Design, Dine Arts, Industrial Design and Engineering and Engineering Environment and Landscape; 6 professional graduate programs of Architecture,Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Arts, industrial Design Engineering and Architecture and Civil Engineering;7 undergraduate programs of Architecture,Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Environment Design, Version Communication,industrial Design and Painting.