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As early as 1929, the major of architecture in the civil engineering discipline was set up, and in 1946 the Department of Architecture was formally established.

In 1952, as part of a nationwide restructuring of university and collage systems, part of the architecture major of our predecessor (Tangshan Jiaotong University) was integrated with the architecture majors of several other universities into the Architecture Department of Tianjin University, and became an integral part of that department. Several faculty members, including Professor Li Wen, from the original Department of Architecture remained at the Railway and Architecture Department of our university.

The university resumed enrollment in architecture major in 1985, and officially restored the Department of Architecture in 1986.  In 2002 the School of Architecture was established, and it was renamed the School of Architecture and Design in 2015, after the integration of other design disciplines.

The School of Architecture and Design has a first-level doctoral degree program in architecture and its architecture disipline is a National Characteristic Specialty , one of the first disciplines to be awarded the "Excellent engineer" training majors in China and the "National-level first-class discipline", and a key discipline in Sichuan Province.


The Department of Architecture is rooted in the region, supported by the university’s disciplinary advantages, and by the integration of other engineering majors, such as civil engineering and transportation engineering, highlighting the characteristics of transportation architecture and planning, regional architecture and other area, following the development patterns in architecture, the department established three main subject areas of architecture design and theory, architectural technology and science, architectural history and theory and the specialty area of transportation architectural design and theory.

Distinctive research characteristics and advantages have been formed in transportation architecture design and theory, rail transit station area planning and design theory, urban space utilization and transportation planning theory, urban underground space, TOD and space utilization, community renewal, architecture and urban physical environment research in alpine climate, transportation and underground space green building and technology, conservation and development of urban and rural buildings in the Southwest.

The Department of Architecture emphasizes engaging in academic cooperation for both “inviting in and participating outside”, and actively expands foreign exchanges. It has hosted many international academic conferences and lectures, and intently introduces outstanding foreign talents. At the same time, it promotes academic cooperation and joint education with Germany, the United States of America, France, Vietnam, Japan and various other countries, and completed a number of scientific research cooperation projects.

The Department of Architecture has always emphasized the integration of industry, education, research and application to promote the transformation of academic achievements. Not only has it delivered a large number of outstanding talents to China’s architecture profession, but faculty members have also actively participated in major national, provincial and municipal projects and important areas of construction and development in the region, and have made great contributions to society.